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Question 1: What is the CETUI?

The CETUI is a minimalist cigarette packaging for occasional smokers. So suitable for those who only smoke occasionally or even only at certain times, e.g. in the evening or only on the weekends.

Question 2: Can you use the CETUI to reduce or even quit smoking?

Yes, it is possible to smoke less. Especially for those who find it difficult to stop smoking immediately. The CETUI does not carry a brand message or a color code. It is designed neutrally and does not remind us of adventures or safaries or the crackling campfire which usually "triggers" us to grab a cigarette again. In addition, it only holds a limited number of cigarettes, namely 6, which "remind" us to get by on this ration throughout the day. Interestingly, some even managed to quit smoking completely without any pressure or stress.

Question 3: How did you come up with the idea?

The idea was born back in 2015. As an industrial designer and man, it always bothered me that we had to stuff our pockets full of various utensils. In addition to the cell phone, keys and wallet, a pack of cigarettes also had to be placed in the pockets. This was not only impractical but carried the risk that we could break our cigarettes, which of course happens from time to time. The idea of the CETUI was born. A minimalist cigarette package; a case for cigarettes that could only hold 6 pieces and guaranteed not to be bulky.

Question 4: Only 6 cigarettes fit in there!

That's true. The CETUI is particularly suitable for people who ideally smoke half a box a day and want to reduce their consumption habbits. Social smokers are also addressed who do not want to carry around a whole pack of cigarettes. Just remember that you are stocking up for a specific situation. This can be an invitation for a coffee or a visit to friends. You say "I only have this number with me. I have to get along with that now." It becomes interesting when we get used to this “stockpiling” and look forward to having got through the day well with the limited number of cigarettes. It actually works. Just give it a try!

Question 5: Which target group are you addressing with the CETUI?

With this particularly high-quality case, we would like to address mindful and conscious people who have been smoking for a long time and want to change their smoking habits without having to be patronized. The decision to smoke was made a long time ago and we want to decide for ourselves what is good or not so good. The CETUI would like to help you to leave the decision to yourself without having to forego enjoyment and style.

Question 6: Is the CETUI food safe?

Yes, we can guarantee that the material is food safe. This product, which can come into contact with the skin via the material and the cigarette filter, must also conform to the guidelines of the food law of the European Union (Regulation [EU] No. 10/20011 of January 14, 2011). The European producer of the material and thus we can confirm this to you.

Question 7: What material is the CETUI made of?

The CETUI, which we are currently launching, consists of a so-called synthetic resin, which we use to manufacture the product. A large, well-known writing instrument manufacturer uses a similar, very high-quality and noble material.

Question 8: How do you manufacture the CETUI?

For this purpose, a negative mold is made from high-quality silicone rubber in a complex process. The synthetic resin is poured into this mold. After a 2-day hardening process, the raw CETUI is carefully removed and afterwards polished to a high gloss for a perfect finish. The full crosslinking (hardening process) of the material needs another 7 days until the CETUI can be finally arranged and delivered to the customer.

Question 9: What about sustainability?

The material is harmless to the environment and meets all the requirements for food safety of the European Union (Regulation [EU] No. 10/20011 of January 14, 2011). The current product is not 100% biodegradable. It shouldn't be, because we want to offer you a high quality and durable product that you will enjoy for a long time to come. But we work on turning the product into a new product when it no longer looks "like new". To this end, we will establish a refurbishing process in the near future, where we can create new and unique products with your help.

Question 10: Where is the product made?

We are very proud that we hold all production chains in-house and that we can manufacture almost 100% of the product ourselves in our factory in Berlin, Germany. The food-safe material comes from Europe and all other components from the local supply chain. In this way we keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible in order to be able to make our contribution to a sustainable future.


Why you should become a proud owner of the CETUI?

Have you ever wondered why, as a smoker, you feel like you are being patronized?

With the exclusive "CETUI" cigarette and cigarillo case you smoke more consciously and with style!

Finally again: QUALITY!

The CETUI is elaborately handcrafted in our Berlin factory, Germany.

LUXURY lover?

The high-quality processed CETUI consists of casted and polished precious resin.

ENJOY undisturbed!

The CETUI is free from annoying and distracting shock images.


With the CETUI you stockpile six cigarettes for the mindful enjoyment.

You love DESIGN?

The minimalist CETUI is aesthetically and haptically a delight.


The CETUI will only be available in a maximum of 50 pieces per edition!

PROTECTION guaranteed!

The CETUI protects your cigarettes like a second skin. And they don´t fall out.

Finally SPACE!

The CETUI fits in every pocket, whether it's a gossip handbag, jacket or shirt


The CETUI has been specially designed and developed for occasional smokers.

What our Fans say

Please find below a small selection of voices from our convinced users of the CETUI.

We look forward to counting you among our customers soon.

I am absolutely thrilled with CETUI. A cool and extremely high quality product. Finally I am no longer patronized with these disgusting images. And because of the limited number of cigarettes, I smoke less and more consciously. Thanks for this great idea!

Regina Esser

I am totally impressed by this unbelievable product. First, CETUI did a good job supporting me smoking just literally. But it blows my mind when I recognized that this great product helped me to stop smoking! I take my hat off ! Thanks CETUI. I love you.

Hemel Metha

When I first heard about CETUI, my first reaction was "I want this product!" I was wondering why someone didn't come up with this brilliant idea sooner. Finally I can put my cigarette on the table, without me having to be ashamed! That is so cool!

Renate Kampa

I have to admit that I like to smoke. I just like it. But still I decided to smoke less now. When I was introduced to CETUI, I first thought: Huh, how is that supposed to work? Only 6 fit in there. I was teached a lesson!

Heiko Fritsch